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Elevation Profile

Over the 26 miles of this ride, cyclists can expect a handful of inclines and descents — especially when crossing the bridges. The tallest is the Claiborne Pell Bridge, which is 207' tall at a 4.8% grade. The other three — Jamestown, Sakonnet River Bridge and the Mt. Hope Bridge —aren't as high or steep. Ride alumni will agree that the Pell Bridge is the most challenging climb- and it’s over with right away! Over the entire 26 miles, there is approximately 761 feet of elevation gain, and 833 feet of loss.



This course has been approved by the Police Departments of 7 cities and towns, State Police, RITBA and RIDOT. We are taking every safety precaution possible to have a fun and safe ride. Please read the following carefully to fully understand the course set up to ensure the safety of you and your fellow participants.

At the starting line in the Park and Ride on Boston Neck Road in North Kingstown participants will enjoy a vehicle free lane down the off-ramp to Rt. 138, over the Jamestown Bridge, across Conanicut Island, through the toll plaza and across the Newport Bridge. This lane will be coned off from traffic with support from local and state police throughout.

At the Downtown Newport off ramp participants will merge with regular traffic on Farwell Avenue. Police details, volunteers, traffic cones and event signage will direct traffic and participants on Aquidneck Island. All traffic laws apply throughout this section of the course including stop lights, stop signs and rotaries. In addition to the traffic cones, event signage will be alerting drivers coming in the opposite direction of the ride as well.

When the ride turns from Stringham Road onto West Main Road in Portsmouth, participants will once again have a devoted lane for riding. This lane will be monitored by Portsmouth PD, and volunteers at every intersection. All traffic lights are to be followed by all participants without exception.

Once participants take the Hummocks Avenue exit toward the Sakonnet River Bridge they will no longer have a protected lane. Crossing the Sakonnet Bridge must be done in single file. When participants have reached the turn around in Tiverton and crossed back into Portsmouth the ride will head towards the Mt. Hope Bridge on Anthony Road and Boyds Lane. Once again the rules of the road are to be obeyed.

At the base of the Mt. Hope Bridge in Portsmouth riders will be grouped together in packs to ensure safe passage over the Mt. Hope Bridge to the finish line.

When in doubt, remember that all rules of the road apply throughout the course.

We look forward to a fun and safe ride and appreciate all of your consideration.


On Course Aid

Water will be provided for participants at the start and finish lines. A water station will be available on Burma Road in Portsmouth. We encourage all participants to bring their own water bottles for refills.

• Riders will be lead by a State Police escort, but do not have the right of way. All rules of the road must be followed by all riders, without exception.
• A sag vehicle will follow the last riders and will be available for assistance.
• Post Race food and beverages will be available to all participants.


Bike Drop

Since this is a a point to point ride covering 26 miles, we REQUIRE that all participants check-in on Saturday, September 14th at the Park and Ride adjacent to the Hess Station at 1820 Boston Neck Road in North Kingstown, R.I. between 12:00 - 5:00 p.m. Only participants being dropped off on ride morning can check in prior to the ride from 6:00 am - 6:30 am.  All other participants must check their bike in on Saturday.  

No bikes will be allowed on the shuttles from Bristol to North Kingstown.  Bike racks will be overseen by security and local police overnight however the event is not liable for any damage or loss of property. Bike racks and a full time security detail will be on-site overnight to ensure the safety of your bicycle. A shuttle will be provided from the finish line/parking area on ride day.

A shuttle will take participants from the finish line parking lot prior to the ride and deliver you to the starting line in North Kingstown. 


Parking & Shuttles

Parking will be provided at the finish line of the event adjacent to Roger Williams University on Old Ferry Road starting at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 15th. Shuttles will be provided to all participants and will run from 5:00 a.m. until 6:15 a.m. There is NO parking available at the starting line and there will be no shuttles provided after the ride.

Participants can arrange for their own transportation to and from the start/finish, but we encourage you to utilize the shuttles.

Bicycles will not be allowed on the shuttles.



Narragansett Bikes

Narragansett Bikes (NBX) will be providing pre-ride support and on-course aid at the 4 Bridges Ride.

NBX aims to create an inviting atmosphere and provide expert customer service, whether you are a beginner, enthusiast, competitive racer, or enjoy the more extreme variations of riding.



Directions to the finish line parking at Roger Williams University:
From Providence
From Newport
From Boston

Directions to the starting line/registration:
Route 1A & Rt 138 Park'n'Ride